Global Information technologies is a software development company situated in Aurangabad. Working in corporate sector, Government Organizations, Education sector.
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Global Information Technologies

Global Information technologies is a software development firm situated in Aurangabad since 2008. Within a short period the organization has developed a strong client base on the basis of product and services. Organization has engaged in developing the software for all the sectors. Global Information Technologies provides superior services for managing the implementation of various type of software in the all type of industries, serving both the domestic and international sectors. Global Information Technologies brings a fresh and innovative approach to consulting services, acting as liaison between the end-user and the software. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency. Our associates are distinguished by their functional and technical expertise combined with their hands-on experience, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. As experts in automated systems and distribution, Global Information Technologies is involved in every stage upon client selection of any type of software from implementation to completion offering continual functional and technical support. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of implementation and operation, including business requirements definition, development of functional specifications for client approval, system design, and overseeing development teams customizing software to fit specific client needs. Typically, we are handling client contact, providing functional and technical training and support, and resolving any and all troubleshooting issues that arise when the client initiates software usage in a live setting. In order to meet the individual needs of clients, Global Information Technologies maintains a wide range of qualifications. We excel in MySql, MSSQL Server databases, Software Development Platform Visual Studio (ASP.Net,, C#, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery) PHP. Global Information Technologies are continually expanding upon our knowledge and services to assist clients with successfully implementing the software in multiple areas. Exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with extensive industry knowledge makes Global Information Technologies, the ideal choice for a Software Development firm to manage the implementation of your Software.


Golable Information Technologies

We excel in MySql, MSSQL Server databases, Software Development Platform Visual Studio (ASP.Net,, C#, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery) PHP.


Our Solutions

Library Management System

For School, College and Public Libraries Features: This application is design and develops for the School, College and Public Library and useful for monitoring the inventory of books of the libraries. Some valuable features of the application are as follows:

  1. All the details (i.e. Accession no, Author Name, Publisher Name, Subject, Volume, Classification no, No of pages, Edition, Book No, Cost etc.) of the purchased and existing books is saved in the database, so that at any point of time we can see the information of the any book.
  2. There are different types of masters (i.e. Author Master, Publisher Master, Language Master, and Subject Master Etc.); once the masters are feed the data will be use to avoiding the typing mistakes.
  3. The software is password protected that is, only the authorized user can use it and data become secure.
  4. Backup facility is there any time the user can take the backup and can avoid the loss of data.
  5. The hectic work of no dues on the time of issuing the hall ticket is become easier by using the application, only by entering the id of the student it shows the status of the student either there is no any book due to the student or if any. If there is any book pending to the student shows the name of the book and issue date with due date.
  6. If any book is lost or damaged we can delete this book, the details of the book will be remain in the database but cannot use for issuance.
  7. The barcode facility is available in the software, by scanning the barcode pasted on the book, all the activity such as issuance, receive, deletion of the book is become easier.
  8. Magazines and News paper details can also maintain in to the application.
  9. All type of media such as CD and DVD information can maintain into the application.
  10. Different type of reports available in the application can help to MIS purpose.
  11. The application is develop according to the requirement of the library.
  12. The capacity of the database is huge and can store details of book up to 10 lakhs.

Fee Management System

Introduction: Fee Management System (FMS) with motto of reducing the pressure of fee submission and management process. You can also divide the final fee amount under diff. fee heads (like: tuition fee, Term Fee, Hostel Fee etc.). Fee collection and management is one of the critical processes of an Institute. Fee Management System made by Global Information Technologies, India- is complete Fee management software that stores all fee-related information along with the frequency at which it is collected. Administrators can easily use this fee management system to create dynamic fee structures defining the type of fee to be collected from a specific grade and the time of collection. This fee management tool also generates a complete summary of payable fees/ payment due and collected amount. In addition, with fee management software daily fee collection reports can be made available to the concerned staff. Use Fee Management System for easy Engineering/Medical fee management to reduce your day to day fee related menace. Why Fee Management System is best? This fee software will help staff utilize their time efficiently and also reduce the overhead while collecting student fees, so that management can utilize their time in other areas of the college/Institute. The partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, fee relaxation facility, optional fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees and separate conveyance facility features makes the software a must for all Educational Institutions intended to computerize the process of fee collection. Students List: Student Personal Details Fee Entry: Fee details view fee collection: To view the total fee collection of the day or within the specified time of the month/year.

  1. Fast data entry and receipt printing
  2. The Partial payment facility, balance adjustment facility, Fee relaxation facility, optional fees, concession, hostel fees system, transportation fees and separate conveyance facility and many more.
  3. Fee concession/waiver facility, where you can give full fee concession/relaxation to a student. Here you can set the tuition fee of the student to zero.
  4. Easy Transfer of students from one class to next class. No need to register the same student again. Just select and transfer/promote them to next class.
  5. Some valuable features of the application are as follows:
  6. Student Admission- All the details (i.e. Full Name, Fathers Name, Date of Birth, Address, Contact No, Admission class, Photo of student.) of the Student is saved in the database, so that at any point of time we can see the information of the any Student.
  7. Master Entries- There are different type of masters (i.e. Admission quota Master, Category Master, Class Master, Subject Master and Fee Master Etc.); once the masters are feed the data will be use to avoiding the typing mistakes.
  8. Protection- The software is password protected that is, only the authorized user can use it and data become secure.
  9. Backup/Restore facility- Backup facility is there any time the user can take the backup and can avoid the loss of data. To take the back up of the data and to restore it in the software again.
  10. Change Class- When The Result Declare by this form select class and select the Student there are three options. Pass, ATKT and fail on the bases of the result select the option if you select Pass Option all the selected student Goes in Next Class if The option ATKT then Student Goes To Next But remain in the existing class if the option Fail then Student will remain fail in the existing Class.
  11. Fee Fixation Module- The Fee Fixe module can be configured to execute college policies. It fixes the fees structure of students at the time of admission. The concessions and other optional fees can also be defined at the time of admission. The payment schedule tells students when and how much to pay. The system generates meaningful and quick reports. The student billing and payment module is tightly integrated with accounting.
  12. Student File- If any Student Get some concession in fee then the concession related documents scan and saved in database. this info shows all concession info.
  13. Fees Transaction- The fees transaction facility is there through which we can receive the fees and the receipt will print as well as we can see how much fee balance on the student.
  14. Term Fees Generate - select fail or ATKT Student and save it .on All selected Student will have to pay term fees.
  15. Hostel Fees-
    • in this module Hostel admission, Hostel fee transaction, If student want to leave hostel then refund facility are here.
    Reports- Different types of Reports are available in the application.
  16. Fee Receive-
    • fee received in Between selected date of All students
    • wise fee received in between sleeted date.
  17. Fee Balance-
    • fee Balance in Between selected date of All students.
    • wise fee Balance in between selected date.
    • Student Fee transaction Details- All the transaction of student shows date wise.
  18. Term fee Transaction-
    • term fee Received report
    • term fees balance report.
  19. Hostel fee-
    • Hostel fee transaction report.

Barcode Label printing system

The application is used in mechanical industries for the Print Stickers as per the specification. The stickers also contain the multiple barcode. There are three types of stickers- 1- Identification Label {Size 4*6 (in)} 2- Master Label {Size not Mentioned} 3- Mixed Load {Size Not Mentioned} There are some fixed and some variable fields. The fixed fields saved into the masters and need not to re-inter the data. Only the variable field has given as input. The sticker also contains some barcodes also. We convert the data into barcode format and print it to the specified location of the sticker.

Component Management System

This is the barcode related inventory system, interface with weighing machine which use to track the quantity as well as quantity of the components and help to maintain the schedule. This application is used in mechanical industries. The Company having a number of dedicated bins for their respective component and vendor. Each bin is fixed with weight of component and weight of bin. Company started the milk route system in which the vehicle drop empty bins to their respective vendors and in evening collect the same from them, means the empty bins are schedule for the vendors. As the weight is fixed, company easily knows the status of material inside the bin without counting. Each bin is associated with a sticker containing a special and unique type of code (barcode). The barcode containing the vendor code, component code and a bin unique number. A special type of scanner (Barcode Scanner) is used to scan the code. On outward the bins scan and the data feed in to the software and on inward the bins weight and scan. Software check the weight is correct or not with associate with barcode if is less then it show that how much quantity is less, if the weight is access it is also show the access quantity. According to the data the software produce different type of Reports for MIS purpose.


Desktop Application

Desktop Application Developed in Windows and Java Platform.

Web Application

Web Application Developed in Windows, Java and PHP Platform.

Mobile Application

Mobile Application Developed in Android, iphone and Black Barry.

Barcode Application

Barcode Application Developed in Desktop and web based Platform.

Embedded Application

Embedded Application Developed.

RFID Application

PSI-RFID Asset Tracking and Inventory Managemenent Solution.


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